첨단 소재 및 친환경 건축자재 개발 기업, 가구 및 생활가전 기획·설계·제조·마케팅, 베트남 진출 글로벌 강소기업.

Better creation with innovation

22% of our staff are researchers, while our R&D investment ratio is 5% of total sales, representing our innovative creativity.

  • 22%

    Percentage of
    research staff

  • 5%

    R&D investment

  • 40

    Patents owned

  • 10

    Designs, trademarks

* As of December 2018

Innovative solution

We create innovative solutions.

  • World's No. 1 High Performance Golf Ball Material

  • World's first NON-PVC eco-friendly flooring

  • World's first natural patterned artificial marble

  • Future electric vehicles High efficiency heat dissipation sheet

Eco-friendly symbiosis with everyone

We are creating a world where we "symbiotically" coexist with our customers on an eco-friendly basis. WAPS is the driving force leading the market that is based on the eco-friendliness of its entire research and development.